Grinding Systems

The Cutting Solution


Log Saw Blades

Manufactured in Germany since 1908

Raw material produced in Germany

Quality D2 material HCHC

New in-house heat treat HRC 60-62

Complete robotic grinding for consistency

All systems are actuated into the blade

Grinding wheel pressure is then added to blade for contact

Very difficult to setup consistently

Safety, product, cut quality, and costs are all associated with the
setup of the grinding systems

Blades will not stay sharp

With different GW pressure at setup bevel angles change

As blade wears GW pressure changes

Operators do not consistently set the GW pressure the same

Auto ratchet system are not accurate and change pressure

Manual or Auto grind is over used to keep blade sharp

Blade life and quality are reduced

This limits the industry to D-2 Material (HCHC)